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Rising Above Challenges: Story 4393

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October 4, 2016
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RTC Great Mistakes, Oct 2004. About three weeks into training and there's one recruit always standing out. We'll call him Recruit F. He's about 6'5, at least 260, and constantly either f*cking up or malingering. He's spent more than half the time since we got there LLD. Well, Recruit F's rack mate has a problem. He keeps climbing down at reveille in the morning and finding one of his boots is wet on the inside.Nobody knew why until a rover watch was checking racks one night and saw Recruit F furiously pounding his pud before grabbing dude's boot and nutting in it. Once the RDCs found out the next morning he disappeared from the division and we got to make it rain.Unrelated, but another short one since I was apparently in the worst division ever. Other recruit whose name I don't remember had been going to early morning PT for people trying for special ops positions later on. On his way back he swings by the post office and tells them that our Chief sent him to pick up his package. Opened it, ditched the box in the garbage somewhere on base, and stashed the activated phone it contained in his rack.Wound up selling phone time to people until a wandering RDC heard it vibrate one day while we were doing class crap. Came back to a whole herd of senior enlisted and officers, including the base CO, who grilled us for hours finding out who knew about it. Called all the numbers in the phone's history to find out who was guilty. They wound up recycling around 13 people and the rest of us just felt lucky to be able to graduate with our flags.

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