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Embracing Patriotism: Story 4411

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October 10, 2016
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DS L was our senior DS for our platoon and company. He was one of the best and most experienced, as was demonstrated by the DS' ability to quickly find contraband in the vents or catch privates f*cking off when they thought no one was watching. His favorite game though was catching privates ripping ass and was notorious for his ensuing punishment.We were first introduced to this on day one. It was near the end of the day and we were sitting Indian style around the kill zone signing our initial counselings. Private D can't hold it any longer and lets loose a doozy of a fart. DS L stops and stares at him as we all move our eyes from the private to DS L and back. DS L quickly but calmly instructs the private to stand up and gives him a half right face, front lean and rest position, move.Private D follows instructions and prepares for his soul to be crushed. DS L then instructs the private to reach back to his ass crack, cup his hand, and scoop the fart in his mouth.The private looks back confused and DS L repeats the order in a much louder and furious tone, and adds he must tell everyone how good his farts taste. Private D follows the order, repeatedly scooping his farts in his mouth while telling everyone his farts are delicious. I think every single private was crying from laughing so hard. It was a much needed laugh after such a serious day.Good times.

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