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The Power of Unity: Story 4415

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October 13, 2016
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Fort Benning. One night during blue phase just a few weeks from graduating a few guys and myself decided to shine our boots in the stairwell, we were on the second floor. It was PVT J, PVT V and myself. We were shinning boots and talking about sh*t and all of a sudden we hear a loud and thunderous voice. “WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING”?The DS’s weren’t allowed to curse at us but they always did and we didn’t care, it built character. Well, many times before we were fooled into thinking that it was a DS when it was actually a private so PVT J responded with a loud and thunderous, “SHUT THE F*CK UP!”.I never took any chances so I looked over at J and said dude you sure that aint a DS? J responded with the utmost of confidence and without hesitation, “F*CK NO!” Well, a few seconds later before we knew it or could react (because these DS’s were quiet as f*ck ALWAYS when they moved around), DS (I forgot his name, he wasn’t in my Platoon he was in a different platoon but was the CQ NCOIC that night) came up the stairs and that’s when we realized who it was.DS didn’t even ask who it was; he looked right at J since he went pale and appeared catatonic. DS knew whose world he was going to f*ck up. J also had a cup of coffee that he brewed in his tin cup with an MRE heater from collecting coffee packets every time we had an MRE in the field and we were still not allowed to drink coffee. So the fact he told him off and had the coffee in his hands, now I know why J appeared catatonic lol.DS told everyone to toe the line. He singled out J, made him jump into full MOPP gear and smoked him for a good while with the rest of us watching. DS smoked us afterwards for failing J, then after a good while he told us to recover and carry on.Immediately after he left we gave J his new nickname, “Starbucks”.

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