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Pursuit of Excellence: Basic Training Story 4437

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November 7, 2016
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So there we are getting smoked. PVT J, a young guy no older than probably 18 who was a relatively weak individual from the get go, drops to his stomach in exhaustion while the rest of us are doing push ups. DS W without even glancing in his general direction calls him out for being weak and having no motivation to be there, and tells him to "go back home running to mommy and daddy so you can tell them how much of a failure you are since you can't even do a damn push-up properly because you didn't come prepared".I will always remember what happened next.PVT J breaks down sobbing clenching his teeth trying to hold back the tears. DS W walks over to him, takes off his sunglasses and stares at PVT J for a solid 30 seconds before asking him "Private... what in the high hell is your problem? I've said worse sh*t to everyone here without them so much as batting an eye. I talk sh*t to you and you break down like a baby back b-tch!"


PVT J looks up at DS J with tears in his eyes and whimpers out "DS I was a orphan up until I was 16 and no matter what I'll always know that my real parents didn't even love me enough to keep me".DS W stares at him again for all or maybe 15 seconds before putting his sunglasses back on, turns around and tells him "come see me with a battle buddy after I'm done smoking the sh*t out of you all".I don't know what was said between DS W & PVT J but when they finished talking that night PVT J had the biggest smile i had ever seen from anyone up until that point.

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