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Rising to the Challenge: Story 4441

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November 11, 2016
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It was 2001 sometime in whatever phase this story takes place in. We were at the morale boosting rappel tower where Pvt's received instructions on how to secure themselves into the ropes by a certain DS from 1st who obviously gave this Pvt a poor example of how to do it correctly.Now DS C probably was correct with his demonstrations it's just that this Pvt messed it up somehow and ended up making it through the other stations before ending up at the top deck.Once Pvt got to the top he realized he had a choice between two DS's assisting Joe down the wall. The one on the right was a real asshole from 2nd plt. The one on the left was from 4th plt, yelled a lot but seemed more approachable than the asshole DS from 2nd. Pvt chose to go down the asshole DS's line because the approachable DS was occupied with other dumb ass can't get right Pvt going down the wall.As the Pvt cautiously walks toward the awaiting asshole DS, the DS looks at the Pvt's rigging and says, "Sh*t Pvt your all dicked up. Who the f*ck showed you how to tie this?" Without an ounce of wisdom to know by now about this game the Pvt reveals the name of the DS at grade below. Pvt's heart fell to pit of stomach.Asshole DS looks over below towards the spoken named DS and says "Hey DS C!." DS C responds. Then the asshole DS says "This Pvt up here says he knows you and you showed him how to tie his rigging and that your all f*cked up!"


Now that's not what the Pvt said but in some twisted since of reasoning by the asshole DS that is what was communicated to his ears so that's what gets passed on to the disrespected DS C down below. What in the hell did this Pvt do to deserve this?DC C instructs asshole DS to have said Pvt to bring his ass down there to where he is. So that's what the Pvt did after being laughed at by the asshole DS.Frantic Pvt is running halfway down the winding stairway with other on looking Pvt's aligned along the wall. Suddenly DS C appears before said Pvt's face, grabs both sides of Pvt's Kevlar and brings it not so gently to brim of his. Words were spoken into Pvt's face at louder than normal volume from DS C explaining how the Pvt does not f*cking know him and if the Pvt understood? Pvt chokes up a little as he feels this was all a misunderstanding and replies "Yes DS!"DS C fixes what appears to be nothing wrong with the rigging. The Pvt has been had. Pvt follows instructions and is allowed to expedite forward to front of line and re attempt rappel.Pvt sees asshole DS from earlier occupied with another struggling Pvt. Approachable DS is approached by the Pvt. Approachable DS looks at freshly reamed Pvt and just chuckles a bit and helps Pvt successfully rappel down the wall. The end.Wasn't that a great story about basic?

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