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Champions of Freedom: Story 4446

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December 12, 2016
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I am a Canadian Armed Forces Reservist...and this is the story of how our BMQ (our version of BCT) platoon broke the MWO (Master Warrant Officer) on the 2nd day of course.We're in the classroom, getting a heavy dosage of death by powerpoint for information regarding CF rules and regulations, and in particular, dress code. The MWO asks our platoon if we have any questions. Pte "Bloggins" raises his hand and the MWO obliges him.Bloggins: "MWO, I have a issue with my PT strip. It hangs out the bottom when I put my shorts on and its really noticeble"MWO: "....your WHAT dangles out?"


Bloggins (sh*tting his pants): "no MWO, my PT shorts are like really short, and the bottom of my issued underwear sticks out from the pant legs".The MWO stares at him in disbelief for a few seconds and then the beginning of a smile begins to crack on his face. He mutters "excuse me" and double-times it out of the classroom and bursts out laughing in the hallway. Meanwhile our entire platoon gives a standing ovation to Pte Bloggins.It might not seem funny in retrospect, but at the time it was. Our MWO was this huge black guy with a ridiculously serious tone and deneamour at the time. Like this guy looked like Samuel L. Jackson from Pulp Fiction, only more jacked and bald. Pte Bloggins on the other hand, was this skinny 5'6 white kid.

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