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Overcoming the Impossible: Story 4447

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November 15, 2016
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We were eating MRE's at the cute little fake m4 course. The one where you have a pneumatic rifle and you shoot at a screen prior to actually shooting the real weapons. DS. M 11B, Sniper, very calm guy had a ton of deployments was talking to us just shooting the breeze asking where everyone was from, general orders, questions, comments, concerns etc. He asks why did everyone join and starts going around getting the answers.The answers that popped up were pretty standard. I needed a job, I have a family and the benefits are great, I'm getting out of my moms basement so on and so forth. He gets to Pfc J. PFCJ was almost done with college, didn't really talk to a whole lot of people and didn't like a whole lot of people. DS M gets to PFCJ and his response was something to the effect of "Drill Sergeant do you want the honest answer?"DS says yes private I do."Drill Sergeant I've been to other countries and seen what they are like. I realized how much this country has given me and how f*cking lucky I am to be here. In my opinion you're a bitch if you don't give something back. I'm able to enlist so I did. You got bad knees, or you're too slow whatever find something else but don't be a leech".Almost everyone starts saying STFU or get the hell out of here #Triggered.DS M. shuts it down quick. Says, "privates He's not wrong. Were getting out we've done our time and if you can't handle it then we will come back but its your army now. The fact that the majority of you enlisted for selfish reasons is disappointing. There are easier ways to get benefits and establish yourselves. This is the Army your job is to kill the enemies of this country. If you don't realize that by now you shouldn't be here."

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