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Courageous Journeys: Basic Training Story 4451

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November 16, 2016
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It was DS T's first cycle and obviously that meant her first time on CQ duty would eventually come and it did. While we were up in our bay at the end of the day DS P & DS B told us to get ready for Toe The Line by putting all the top racks in the kill zone, wear ACU bottoms, PT tops, shower shoes, front load our camelbacks and then stand at the position of attention on top of our racks for DS T when she arrives.None of this made absolutely no sense to any of us and were really confused on what was going on with this.DS T walks into the bay and with wide eyes screams, "WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS?!?" several times.Some privates tried diming DS P & DS B but they were off in the corner with a little grin on their faces as she didn't buy what was being told. She then says, "I don't want to see this f*cking bullsh*t!" and storms out. We got everything fixed back in order the way it's suppose to be within 5 minutes. She eventually came back into the bay acting more calm saying that it was a pretty good joke and kept talking up this little charade until some people finally starting laughing with her.I didn't because I knew it was a trap based upon how crazy she is. That's when she went postal screaming, "OH SO YOU THINK IT'S FUNNY! HALF RIGHT FACE!" The next hour or so gave us the opportunity to improve our PT scores for the next APFT.

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