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The Journey Within: Basic Training Story 4473

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December 1, 2016
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Its the middle of February and we are 5 weeks into BCT. We had just got back from the field doing mortar training. When we got back we all formed in the CTA for a roll call. Drill sergeant tells us we have 15 mins to shower and change into winter PTs. As 51 guys go running up the stairs we are all hustling our ass off trying to meet the dead line. We shower and shave an we all form up with 1 min to spare.We stand there for about 5 mins and then hear that sound.Drill sergeant screamed from a window for us. The whole company goes running and falls into a line looking up at the drill. As we stand there he ask "which f*cktard forgot to lock his wall locker!". We all look around and as we look back up here come the clothes. Drill had drug the wall locker to the window an began to throw the privates clothes and all his belongings down to us.


As we start to gather them as they come flying down to us we here the horrible sound of our captain. "company attention! private 103 what is going on?". As the private explains what is happening captain yells " half right face front leaning rest go" he continues to smoke us till the drill is done. He then instructs us we have 5 mins to get our barracks in order and be back in formation in full battle rattle. We take off to our bays and as we were walking we see our bunks flipped, wall locker flipped, and toilet paper through the whole thing. As drill threw all the stuff out the window the rest of the drills destroyed the bays.Needless to say we didn't meet our dead line the first time...or the third time. Every time we had to go back up we had to swap between winter PTs and battle rattle. We finally got it after the fourth time. So the drills send us back to our bays an tell us to change back into PTs. We come back down and meet for formation. We are then lead to the chow hall.

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