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Defying Limitations: Story 4475

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December 2, 2016
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It was near the end of basic training and my platoon had been released to do laundry and other recovery for the night. However, 4th Platoon was full of screw ups, so they were about to get the shit smoked out of them. I had all things squared away and was feeling relatively strong so I decided to start following along to 4th Platoon's Smoke Session.About an hour later, the DS had finished having his fun, so he called the group back into formation. Exhausted and dripping with sweat, I started to walk away. The DS saw me walking away and started to bark at me: "Where the Hell do you think you're going? I called the platoon to formation, so get your ass over there." I stood at parade rest and told him I was 2nd Platoon and had just joined to do some extra PT. The DS looked at me incredulously for a moment and then told me to carry on.I fearfully ran back to my bay, but as I did, I heard the DS yell at his platoon: "Oh, Hell No! Did you guys hear that? Apparently, I'm not punishing you guys enough because he was doing this for fun!!! Half-right Face!!!!....."They were still there an hour later at lights out, and I didn't sleep soundly for the rest of Basic Training.

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