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Resilience Amid Adversity: Story 4476

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December 2, 2016
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Ok so I'm not an amazing story teller but here it goes. Summer 2016 fort sill Oklahoma. Well it was getting toward the end of white phase and of course everyone was cocky. We all thought we were basically done then the pranks started.It started out with the usual privates doing stupid stuff. Shaving cream then a tickle on the nose, people screaming "AT EASE!" at every chance they got. Then it started getting more interesting. Our bay leader was a complete jackass. He was a frat boy and then born again Christian. He was always reading the bible but he was extremely racist towards all of the African Americans. Him and an African American PVT I'm gonna call Pvt.S would always get into it.So one day we're going out to do PT. Nobody knew what Pvt.S did. Then it started raining and as we walked back up the stairs there were soap bubbles all the way up the stairs. So then bay leader decides to get him back but didn't really do much but he put a little bit of foot powder on his pillow. So that Sunday bay leader went to church he came back and his entire bed was gone. It was fully made sitting on top of the stalls in the latrine.


By this time other people had started in on pranking. So our first week in to blue phase I believe it was and we're all chilling in the bay and of course pranks are going on. Well this Pvt opens his locker and every inch is covered in foot powder, his pillow and under his blanket covered . Well he starts shaking stuff off not thinking about and all of the sudden fire alarms start going off. well conveniently enough our pt field was our rally point.Well the fire truck comes and all the drills are just delighted you hear em saying stuff like " they always f*ck up this late" "you trying to smoke in the bay" stuff like that. So eventually they figure out it was foot powder that set it off and our bays drill sergeant was DS.D and he had to come in from a day off. Well the first thing he said is " y'all some stupid motherf*ckers " and now we're all pogs at fort sill he was infantry he had us doing infantry jacks for 2 and a half hours then started the real smoking it was a long night.

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