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Inspirational Transformations: Story 4483

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December 14, 2016
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We spent hours going over SHARP brief after SHARP brief, always listening to the same sh*t every time. Don't rape anybody, keep your dick out of his hand, your balls off of his face. Of course there were some gaylords in the barracks, and they would wrestle half naked and kiss each other on the head to display dominance.We had a sock cock party, on that note, where I personally donned one well placed OD green sock, my IOTV, beret and eyepro(I put the sunglasses on because I thought I was a hardass).


One day DS B, "Papa" B he was (ironically) affectionately titled, came in screeching like a banshee for the heads of the men responsible. Well it was all of us, but he wanted the ringleaders. Some blue falcons started pointing fingers at the two people who did it most, the PG and his butt buddy. At which point DS B started screeching "ANSWER F*CKING ME" over and over again.Now, I would assume he meant to say "F*CKING ANSWER ME", considering he did stop and look off to the side as though pondering his choice of words, but he decided to stick with it. The guy about two bunks down from me, however, had some enlightening information that would get us off the hook. "Drill Sergeant," he said with glee and buddy f*ckery, "that's not anything, Fourth Platoon has been drawing smiley faces on their nuts!"And then the fire began to burn.

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