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Rising to Greatness: Story 4533

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December 28, 2016
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It was July of 88. I was 5'8" and 115 lbs. Hot as hell in Alabama. Just left reception and arrived at my basic training company. It was at least 110 degrees. I was sitting about 3/4 ways back next to a window on the bus with a full duffle bag of TA-50 in my lap. As we pulled up to our company, I was expecting the worst. The bus doors opened.DS O stepped onto the bus. He was a 6'5" Samoan. DS O begins to tell us what a great time we were going to have over the next 8 weeks. He never raised his voice to my surprise. While he was talking, I happened to look out the window. Just as I did, DS P who was all of 5'4" jumped up on my window. He pulled himself up until he was eye level with me.


As he hung on the window 2 inches from my face, DS P said, "Private what the f*ck are you looking at? You keep eyeballing me and I'm going to poke out your eyeballs and skull f*ck you to death!!! Get the f*ck off my bus private!!!"DS P scared the piss out of me. I was climbing over other privates trying to get off the bus. Just as I made it to the front of the bus, DS O raised his voice for the first time. He said, "Private what the hell is wrong with you?"I said, DS P said he was going to poke out my eyes and skull f*ck me to death if I didn't get off his bus!"DS O just smiled and took one step back so I could get off the bus. Till this day I still remember DS P threatening to skull f*ck me, and that sh*t eating grin on DS O's face as he let me off the bus.You can only imagine what it was like being the first one off the bus with 6 drill sergeants waiting. That's another story.

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