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Transformative Journeys: Story 4547

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February 23, 2017
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It was red phase in March 2015, we were just getting settled in and still terrified of our drill sergeants. Private R was your typical keep your head down soldier, he never found himself in a lot of trouble until one night after lights out. We were up telling stories and bull shitting around when someone comes in through the exit door.Now we all assumed it was the fire guard and didn't think anything else about it. Then they got closer and said "I suggest you get to sleep".Private R thinking it was one of us shouted back, "I suggest you suck my dick".

Then to the horror of us all out of the darkness our company commander appears.Private R immediately starts apologizing and explaining he thought it was the fireguard. The commander never said a word, just stared with a bold face for a few seconds and left. We were all convinced that Private R would be chaptered out, or smoked to death the next morning.To our shock Private R was never spoken to about it from a DS but one we all learned a valuable lesson that day.Never talk shit in the dark.

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