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Triumph Amid Challenges: Story 4554

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January 5, 2017
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This story's not really meant to be funny but I wanted to share an important lesson a drill sergeant taught me.I never thought I'd see two drill sergeants in a screaming match. There we were at 120 AG BN sitting around waiting for evening chow. DS G was with us and giving advice for BCT. The last thing he gave before we walked over to the chow hall was if we ever made a mistake to just take responsibility and own up to it. Fifteen minutes later we're walking up to the chow hall and we see DS G in a screaming match with another DS in PTs. We could not believe what we were seeing.


DS PTs went off on DS G because DS G accidentally called him a private. While it was understandable for DS PTs to be as pissed as he was DS G was trying to get him away from us PVTs to deal with it one-on-one. DS G knew he fucked up and was trying to take care of his mistake.I knew that what he said 15 minutes before on owning your mistakes was important but to watch him immediately put his advice in action was all I needed to make sure I owned up to my actions right or wrong. It may've not been fun for him at that moment but he's earned my respect until my dying day for what he taught me.

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