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Journey of Dedication: Basic Training Story 4558

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January 6, 2017
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So here we are, maybe week 6 or 7. DS G is conducting bedcheck. So we all line up in single file (1st PLT males, across from us on the drill pad were 1st PLT females, next to them was 2nd PLT..). We're doing weapons check, where we hold the weapon in the air, and put it down when we count off. "0-1! 0-2! 0-3!" That kind of thing. Well, we're privates. and we're stupid. So it usually went, "2-7! 2-8! 3-0! 3-uh, wait..""Okay privates, since you want to be so stupid and can't f***ing count, I'll do it for you. And you know what? You'll hold those weapons up until I'm done with the company. If I see one elbow bend, or hear too much rattling, I'll start over!"We weak privates barely made it. But we also had our 249s at this point, and one private, unfortunately, left the extra barrel upstairs.DS G "Where is my barrel, private?"Private A "Uh, I don't know, DS."DS G "PRIVATE! WHERE THE F*** IS MY BARREL?! That's it! everyone get in the classroom!"

At this point we made our tight little company formation in the classroom, where we were instructed to pile our weapons (in "neat" squares). We then had to do a right face, and file out of the classroom, and down the hall. Then up the stairs to the third floor. Then through the bays and down to the second floor, through the bay, downstairs. We'd run through the bays and lunge through the hallways. It was maybe for 15 minutes, but it felt like an hour. Then we went to our prospective bays.Now the fun begins.Over the speakers, DS G instructs us on which exercise to do, and counts in cadence. What was awesome, was he'd fade out to Adele's "Hello" and back, and still be in time. What was worse, was he had the holdovers (quitters and people being kicked out of our company or other companies that had already went home). They made sure to watch us. For the last few weeks, we hated each other. They'd get to watch us train, hang out while we got smoked, they'd sleep in tents while we were in foxholes. They even held food from us during chow, so they could eat more. So they got their revenge by telling DS G who wasn't doing the proper workouts.This went on for almost an hour, and we finally went to bed arounf 0030-0100.Too bad the holdovers didn't know they'd be pretending to be OPFOR during urban ops training, so we got revenge with sweet, sweet simrounds.

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