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Resilience in Training: Story 4560

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January 9, 2017
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To set the scene, imagine a beautiful and smoldering summer at Ft. Jackson in 2002. Our squad had just finished going up and down the tower at the confidence course, and we were now standing at parade rest in front of the adjoining safety mats. After dealing with the last obstacle, we were just waiting to form up before returning to our barracks - BOOM.The sound you just heard was Private C, falling from the sky.

To back track a bit, Private C was the shortest in his squad, and as such, he went up each level of the tower first (since he couldn't reach the next level by himself). But, he should have been last on the way down since he couldn't reach the next level. Instead he went first.So, after about five minutes of grunting due to the pain, Private C is waiting under a nearby tree as Senior DS walks up to him and says, "Private, were you trying to get airborne qualified on my motherfu#!ng confidence course?" Hoooah Senior DS

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