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The Spirit of Patriotism: Story 4568

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February 9, 2017
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Spring cycle 2015, FTX 3. We had just finished setting up our Patrol Base, when DS F called over my squad. Fumbling through the dark with barely functioning NVGs we eventually found him kneeling by a tree. He then spent the next 10 minutes briefing us on an upcoming operation.Now, one thing you gotta know about DS F is that he LOVES to dip. I almost never saw him without a packed lip.Anyway, near the beginning of the briefing he spits, and somehow managed to spit on my face (he will swear he spat on the ground)."Sorry bout that pri" he said before continuing the brief.He then made an effort to spit directly into the dirt from that point on. About 10 minutes later we finished the brief and began prepping to roll out. I stood up, put on my ACH, and felt a strange wet feeling.. I immediately found out where DS F had been spitting...F*CK

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