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Inspirational Transformations: Story 4569

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January 11, 2017
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At Parris island the drill instructors (especially the kill hats) will do anything in their power to absolutely ruin your life or put pain in your body. My kill hat (let's call him Sgt reaper) absolutely loved to target me in particular for two reasons. First, I was slightly "larger" than the average male when I first got to boot camp. Second, I was just kinda dumb to start.One day a large chunk of the company is being sent to dental to get their wisdom teeth pulled. From my platoon ONE guy messed up and went to chow with the guys who weren't going. I had to go back with him to the barracks from the chow hall so he could make it on the bus.


Now I'm alone in the squad bay with my senior drill instructor(Ssgt dad as we jokingly called among ourselves). So I ask him if I can make a head call and he says yes. I go to take a dump cuz we always needed to. And after a minute Sgt reaper comes in to the head and sees me on the sh*tter. My heart dropped cuz the first thing he says is, "yeah right bitch get the f*ck up!"So I scream aye sir and stand up pulling up and belting my trousers. He tells me grab a scuz towel motherf*cker and I grab one wet it and come back. He pulls me into the squad bay and screams at me to scuz.He had me doing laps up and down the center highway and in between the racks and so on for about an hour. Screaming "HARDER AND FASTER AYE SIR" every 30 seconds or so until the platoon came back from chow. All the while Ssgt dad was watching from the instructor house...........laughing, he set me up.From them on out I was never not busy I tell you what

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