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Endurance and Resilience: Basic Training Story 4591

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February 1, 2017
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We had this private. We will call him private p. All through basic he was the type to not say much and just fly under the radar..He was all around a decent soldier. Or at least as good as a trainee can be. Well period four inspection came rolling around. You know where you lay out your gear in the bay and on the drill pad every soldier is in ASUs getting quizzed by the battalion commander.We was standing in formation waiting for the Lt Col to show up when private p ask our DS if he could go to the latrine. Ds says make it quick and take a battle. Little did I know what i know what i was getting into when I agreed to go with him.We run upstairs to our Bay and when we get to the door. I noticed his pants had a wet spot on his ass. I said man are you alright? He then informed me he sh*t himself 10 min prior and had to muster up the courage to ask to go to the latrine.Being dumb privates we decide to grab his spare pants from his wall locker and hanging up his shitty ones and to flush his underwear. Mistake.

We clogged the toilet.

As we are plunging the hell out of the toilet our SDS walks in and asks what the f*ck we are doing. Now our SDS was former infantry and he still scares the sh*t out of me. He was only about 5ft 6 but was built like a brick sh*t house. As he walks into the latrine the underwear go down and here stands two privates with a plunger and a sh*t smell that would make a skunks ass pucker.SDS got a look on his face that made me think he was gonna rip our beating hearts from our chest. He asked what the hell was going on. Well I've always had an issue speaking with authority and start stuttering. Well private p Fesses up about sh*tting himself and that i was just helping him dispose of the evidence so we still had a decent chance at coming out on top for the inspection.SDS just grinned and said, "if i didn't teach you two anything I at least taught you to lookout for your battles no matter how sh*tty the situation is. Now take care of this f*cking smell and get the f*ck in formation.".We beat the other platoons in all areas of inspection.

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