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February 3, 2017
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During blue phase of basic in the summer heat of GA my company marched to the AO Bayonet area to do some IMT training and bounding techniques. It was a typical hot Georgia day and we were in full kit (kevylar, IOTV, flc, etc). I also had some dummy claymores strapped on me. After arriving to AO Bayonet we got into our platoon formations to await instructions from our DS's.There was this one DS we will call DS B who made blue phase smokings seem worse than our red phase smokings. The PG for 3rd platoon grounded their M4s on their assault packs while the rest of the company kept our M4s at the low ready. DS B went off on us. Proceeded to bitch us out and told us to line up infront of the field. We were all thinking "ah sh*t, here we go."

In an effort not to piss off DS B anymore we sprinted to line up. He began to yell "INCOMING!!" So we dropped to the ground and then as we hopped back up one of the PG's yelled "12 o'clock 300m!" And for what seemed to be a hour of indirect fire drills in nearly 100 degree weather was absolute hell! I never questioned why i joined till that very moment but embrace the suck I did. And every time i jumped to the ground the claymores I had would smack me in the face.After DS B got bored with indirect fire drills we had to sprint to this sign thing over and over. We had several prior service guys with 18X contracts. One of the prior service guys tore his miniscus and lost his contract and a private in my platoon sprained his ankle. What a lovely day in paradise it was.

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