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February 7, 2017
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In 1997, I was DA selected to Recruiting duty. I attended Recruiting School at Fort Jackson, SC. My AIRBORNE Buddy (nicknamed JUNIOR) was Senior Drill Sergeant at one of the units. Just so happens on his birthday, I finished my test early and was released for the day. I jump in my old truck and dash across post to hunt him down.I run into a Drill Sergeant that was in Hawaii with JR and I. He drags me to where JR is smoking JOE out of sight. JR introduces me to the JOE's and then directs the PLT Guide to move them to chow.

I figure it'd be cool to eat in the chow hall too. I hadn't eaten in one for a few years. So, we go thru the headcount and in line with JOE. I get my tray and start thru the serving line. The trainee in front of me stopped and stood dead center of the salad bar - just looking. He seemed torn on what to get to eat. In my day, the cooks slapped food on your plate and directed you to keep moving.I finally get pissed off waiting on his ass. I throw both hands on my hips and stepped up in his face. "Hey numb nuts, are you gonna get some f*ckin' chow or stand there and stare it down? Get something on your f*ckin' plate and move the f*ck out."This kid actually started crying and pissed his pants.JR grabs my arm and dragged me away to a table. The First Sergeant tried to lock my heels in front of JOE. Something about "We don't talk to soldiers like that and didn't know what Army I learned that in".New Army I guess.

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