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February 10, 2017
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Our platoon in basic training had made it awhile without experiencing one of the infamous, dumb, and pointless punishments that we've all heard of. Until this day. It was white phase, and I don't even remember what we had gotten in trouble for.DS T was our platoon DS and we knew to never screw with him. We finally did and he takes a step into the DS office leaving us at attention in formation. He waits a few minutes and props open the door with a milk crate lined with a clear plastic bag.DS T stands there observing because he knows we're scared sh*tless. He finally says, "Privates. You see that acorn tree in the front? I need acorns. One by one. DOUBLE-TIME!" And there we were, sprinting to this tree picking up each single acorn and sprinting to the milk crate to drop it in. Of course he sat there beside the crate to make sure we didn't cheat and throw in more than one. I felt like it took forever. You know those platoon t-shirts you can buy at graduation? Ours was specially made with a giant acorn on the front in honor of DS T.

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