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February 14, 2017
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Former DS here. In 2006, I had an Infantry OSUT Platoon with a large amount of Soldiers with scars on their heads. I put them all in the same squad, which then became known as the Abortion Squad.Of course, applying motivation to this squad was easy. "No wonder you failed, PVT. Your Mom couldn't even employ a coat hanger correctly.""Damn! Good IMT, PVT. That womb-dodging really paid off."They even insulted themselves for motivation: "We've been fighters since before we were born, DS!!"This lasted from week 3 until the final FTX when the BN CSM heard their squad leader call for them by their "given" name.I got talked to, but it was left at, "Pretty funny, DS. Don't do it again."You couldn't get away with that anymore.

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