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February 16, 2017
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Our platoons in basic were divided alphabetically. A's in first, Z's in fourth. There was this private, we'll call her Pvt D. Pvt D was in second platoon, your average sick call ranger. Had a profile almost daily. We were about 2/3 the way through basic and Pvt D had made friends with quite a few other females within 3rd platoon and was constantly caught out of ranks trying to hang out with them.DS's picked up on this and started calling her out, smoking her, and made the entire platoon responsible for making sure she wasn't over in third platoons formation or up in their bay.One day we are out at the range. Just finished up lunch chow and standing by to line back up, those needing the most help up front. As we are waiting, Pvt D is caught in 3rd platoons formation again. 3rd platoons DS comes up and the typical "What are you doing out of your ranks, Pvt".Pvt D has the gall to say "DS, I want to be in third platoon DS".

This DS seems a little off by this answer. He walks over, grabs DSs from 1st and 2nd Platoon. He then asks Pvt D to repeat what she has said. She again states that she would like to be moved to 3rd platoon. The rest of our battery is standing by in silent shock. Her DS comes up to her and asks her if she wants out of 2nd platoon. Pvt D says yes.Said DS then asks 3rd platoons DS if he wants Pvt D. 3rd DS goes off "No fucking way I want a traitor in my platoon. Go stand in the corner." 2nd DS then states the same thing. They left her in the corner crying for the rest of the afternoon.When we went to form up for the ruck back to the barracks, she was removed from her squad and rucked by herself in the back. She wasn't seen much in training after that, as they were planning on recycling her. Everyone referred to her as private traitor and was mandated that nobody could communicate with her. She was still moping around though as we went through and graduated.The best part of this story is that I ran into Pvt D about a year and half later. She had eventually been chaptered out for failure to adapt. But I ran into her at the VA. I questioned her on it, and she says " I have ptsd from the way I was treated in BCT".This chick is trying to get disability because the DSs had made her cry and shunned her for her actions.

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