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February 16, 2017
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So this is similar to a story I saw posted a while back. It was FTX 3 and I was one of the unlucky bastards that had to man the ECP's (entry control point). So after filling 70 plus sand bags to make our foxhole to SOP standards I get ready pull guard for the night. I have no clue what time this happened all I know is that it was pitch black outside.So I'm standing there can't see anything and I hear the crunching of gravel in front of me. We had a bunch of patrols leave earlier so I think it's just one of them coming back. When I think they're right in front of me I yell out "halt who goes there etc etc".To my surprise it's my CSM D and LTC C paying a visit. So me being a good soldier make sure I don't mess up on the challenge phrase. This night it was fresh and lettuce and the number was 9

Me: "hey did you get any fresh fruit"CSM D: "skis"At this point I think he didn't hear me so I repeat my self. I think we're here for 5 minutes just repeating this process, I don't know if this is some trick to see if I let them in so I keep repeating myself. So they both decide to move on and just walk in so they take another couple of steps and all I hear is:Pvt C: "halt who goes there"LTC C: "Shit there's a second one"So everything starts over again and by now CSM D has to be annoyed so he's just yelling off numbersCSM D: " 1..2..3...4..5........6....7..8...9.Pvt C: "you may enter"I had to take some deep breaths before I called in on the radio saying the CSM and LTC had entered the perimeter. That made my night standing guard way more enjoyable.

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