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February 24, 2017
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No shit there I was, early July on day zero. We had just gotten into our bays after a full day of fun and getting our asses smoked. This one private (well call him PVT Z) was just one of those guys who was a complete nervous wreck. So we get upstairs and it's about 22:00. Or drill sergeant (DS D) calls for us to fall in, then has one private go and turn on every other faucet in the shower.He then tells us we have exactly 7 minutes to get all 60 of our nasty asses washed. He said fall out and we scrambled like rats that saw a light. We go through our shower drill and everything went well. We actually finished in less than 5 minutes... or so we thought.DS D had us fall in and counted us. "...56, 57, 58, 59...59!?! who the fuck are we missing!?!"

We then get the best smoking we got the entire cycle as DS D asked us where out battle buddy was. After what seemed like an eternity all goes quiet and we all heard crying. DS D goes into the shower to find PVT Z crying. He kindly asked him why he was crying.PVT Z responds "I can't find my pt's drill sergeant"DS: "WHAT THE FUCK? YOU GOT MUTHAFUCKAS CALLED ISIS, AND YOU'RE IN HERE CRYING?"DS D made sure to make that shower pointless as we got smoked in sweat for 2 hours. And that's how I learned the importance of accountability.

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