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February 28, 2017
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It was about week 6 or 7 into basic at FTX 2. I was PG at the time and also had first fire guard watch with my battle buddy and assistant PG, PVT S. It's pitch black out there in the woods. No moon light or anything. We're finally getting the privilege to get some shut eye so everyone is scrambling around trying to get their sleep systems set up in the dark. All you see are these little red lights (y'all know what I'm talking about) flashing on and off all over.As we're making our rounds we spot a blue light off in the distance. I thought to myself, who is so stupid that they put their blue lense in?!

So, PVT S and I start making our way towards the light yelling at them and cussing them up and down because we knew if our platoon wasn't squared away, we'd get the wrath of DS G. As we get closer we're still yelling and cussing this PVT out but getting no response.We finally get close enough and shine our dim red lights on the blue light figure and it turns out to be our company commander. Better yet DS G was not far behind him and heard everything.Surprisingly, CPT A was cool with it because we were just doing what we were supposed to. DS G on the other hand, was not so cool about it. We were the "little men in the woods" for a solid 2 hours.Lesson learned: No matter what you do in basic, you never win.

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