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March 5, 2017
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Here's a story from basic training. It was red phase January 2016 at Ft benning. After the first week eveyone knew who the "nicer" and not so nice drill sergeants were. Well drill sergeant M at about 5'6" we all came to the conclusion that he has little man syndrome and was just mad at the world for being short.There's this one private he singled out in particular we'll call him private d. Well private d was about 6'5" 250lbs and drill sergeant m made it hell for him until we graduated.Anyway drill sergeant m came in the bay one day and his hat was missing and nobody knew where it was. We were all forced to open our wall lockers and private d had the hat sitting front and center like it was in a trophy case. Well come to find out the drill sergeant put the hat in his locker because they had our spare keys in their office.Moral of the story is get a combination lockRead more Basic Training Stories here.

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