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March 7, 2017
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So there I was fresh out of high school and taking charge of my life. It was a hot ball sweat running down your leg kind of day when we are finally released from reception and sent to our new reality checkers. Yes that's right, it was straight to the unit and I had the privilege of being in 4th platoon(RECON). The bus pulls up to the barracks and it's the usual SHARK ATTACK waiting to unleash of fury of slurs against US dumb privates.We where supposed to have our face buried into our duffel bags but curiosity killed the cat along with my manhood that dreadful day. I sneak my head up when I heard the air breaks applied and caught a glimpse of 2 female Drill Sergeants. My first assumption was that the next 9 weeks where going to be a cake walk. That was my last assumption of anything dealing with the military!After getting my ass off HER bus and being in MY right place in MY right block, I knew right then that I had F'd up! Upon reviewing the items I was supposed to have SHE came across my necklace, watch, walkman(yes kinda that was a device that played music) and a pair of civilian clothes.What happened next was the most intense crossfire I have ever encountered!What happened next was the most intense crossfire I have ever encountered!"Well what do we have here pri?""What does he have battle?""Oh battle he must think after we get off tonight that he is taking one of us out on the town!""Oh really battle?!""So pri, which one of us is it gonna be?"And like any dumb private I said, "neither Drill Sergeant!" To this day I still wonder what would of happened had I chose one over the other-lol.I was then put in several up-downs and push ups, can't forget about the push ups. The OTHER Drill Sergeant left and I was left with the one who was assigned to my platoon. She asked where I was taking her and if I was going to pay and if I thought she was pretty. This went on for several minutes that felt like several hours.She never let any of us think we where gonna have an easy ride and was rather sneaky of catching us taking Sunday naps. I had AIT down the hill in Ft. Leonard Wood and at graduation she told me if she seen me up the hill for anything that she would smoke me the rest of my military career.Morale of this story: Never listen to your Recruiter about having female Drill Sergeants and being able to wear civilian clothes during basic training on the weekends!Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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