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March 8, 2017
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So in AIT we got the fabled day pass, off post civies. RTB is 2000. Rules:No hotels, no booze, no exceeding certain distance, no Louies ( cuz drills wife works there....ask me how i know). So what do we do??? Thats right. Get two fifths of vodka, energy drinks, a hotel room and start burning up the digits of that 5 thats been looking like an 8 the past 6 weeks.We throw all decency out the window and my buddy is going hard in the paint on floor. I'm on the bed and some rando i don't even know is catching his in the bathroom. Its now noon. I'm spent and the booze is wiped. Time to get some mexican at that spot everyone in Leonard Wood goes. I swear to God that cabbie looked like the other platoons drill. Paranoid???Anywho I eat and head back to the hotel to nap until about 1900. I get up and ol boy and the girl he brought decided to do some more drinking. Idiots!!! So i'm leaving and they smashing.."Hey asshole, check out before you leave! Its in my name".I run into more idiots from my platoon, cleaning vomit out of the sink of the room next to mine. Good luck with that.45 min til formation.I then realize that my tolerance has plummeted. I haven't sobered up at all and this moving around is bringing it back. I link up with my primary battle who had a taxi waiting. We jump in and make it to formation. I'm PG. 2000 hits and the last two tards who were in my room are hiding in bushes at the edge of the buildings. Its slightly dark.Fuck. "Stay there" i think.The girl makes a mad dash across 50 wide open meters and pops in line, completely undetected. Drill pops out and we all go "at ease!!". He called us to attention and starts walking through the ranks. Has me follow him through my platoon. I've never breathed so shallowly through my nose in my life. Was I breathing?!?!Fuck....breath slow.He stops dead in front of that guy that is straight edge as fuck. "Private!!! What did you do with your day off?"."I went to buy clothes and then the USO, Drill Sergeant."DS, "Do they serve alcohol there Private?"....PVT Dogood "I don't believe so Drill Sergeant." DS "You don't believe so?!?! Why the fuck don't you know? Thats the first thing i find out when I enter any establishment." PVT......blank stare, unsure what to say....DS "Privates, some of you stink. Its not that gut wrenching I hate you Private stink that i'm accustomed to..its something else." I suggest you all go in and wash it off and go to bed. If you aren't ready for toes on line in 20 min, we are gonna explore this field for the cause of that stench." Holy shit......did i just dodge this potential career ending bullet?? When did ol boy sneak back in formation?? Whats going on? I feel like many of you can relate so i thought id share. If not...fuck the lone dirtbag...along with 50% that graduating class right??Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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