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March 8, 2017
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So we were gathered around Goodyear field at [UNIT REDACTED] working on the trigger pull exercise with the rod and a penny. All of the sudden, the battalion CSM calls us all to fall in around the field. Shortly after he begins his speech about loyalty and duty an MP cruiser pulls up. He then transitioned his speech to talk about treason and abandoning your responsibilities...going AWOL etc.Then he said, "now we're going to show you what happens when you try to walk off my post with an m16 in your hands."The MP's exit the cruiser and pull out a handcuffed private some recognized from 3rd platoon. The CSM continues to berate the private for his stupidity when the private looks him right in the eye and says "You're a dead man!".Immediately after he said that, the MP holding the handcuffed soldiers arm swiftly picked the private up over his head like a log drill and slammed him into the rubber field. One of our DS's, who served in combat with the CSM, lost it and rushed over toward the private. Screaming at the private and threatening him he had to be held back by 2 other DS's. When they lifted the privates face out if the rubber he spit on the CSM.At that point, the MP ripped the soldier off the ground, hog tied his hands and feet and threw him back in the MP cruiser like a sack of dog food. We were just standing there in shock like "WTF!?!". Never heard anything about the guy again and basic continued as usual. But it was straight out of a movie.I promise no one will ever forget that day.Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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