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March 13, 2017
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I have about a million stories from basic, but I'll start with what I haven't seen any stories of yet: sleep walking/talking.Basic is a very stressful time for some, and stress can cause sleep walking or talking in people that have never done it before. We had quite a few privates experience it. I don't know if my cycle was just tore up from the floor up, or if it's common.We were in a bay of about 60.Almost every night, Pvt B would sit straight up, and yell at someone that was sleeping, usually the PVT sleeping under his bunk, to shut their f*cking mouth. Two or three times while I was on fireguard, he walked up to me after leaving the latrine and asked how long he'd been in there. Apparently he would just wake up in front of the urinal or in the shower.One PVT jumped from his top bunk, stripped bare-ass naked (which is not allowed), and jumped back in bed. No recollection in the morning.Another PVT started mumbling while a DS was inspecting. DS moves closer to hear what's going on, when the Pvt starts freaking out, and says "move drill sergeant, it's gonna explode." DS starts screaming, wakes up the whole Bay with, "What's gonna explode private? Are you threatening me? Are you dropping bombs in here?"We also had a private that could not stay on the top bunk to save his life. Rolled off 4 times during basic.Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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