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Basic Training Story 4661 - Part One

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March 17, 2017
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Horseshoe formation around me. Okay you guys are gonna need at least 5 minutes to read this one. My buddies knew I left out a lot of info on my first story, so they asked for a part 2. Last time I only mentioned my Drills, 2nd plt's DS's, but now im gonna include all of the cadre and what was said to other privates other than me.

EDITOR NOTE: Due to the length of this submission we have broken it up into multiple parts

Ds L: 35P, 5'6, ripped, SFC, black, pound for pound strongest in the Battalion because SHE that's right SHE did lifting competitions.Anyway one day we were at the range. It was the end of the day and trans had just arrived but we were there still policing brass.One of my drills and a drill from 4th plt was talking to Ds L about how to help some of us privates shoot better. Well the 2 Drills that were talkin to jokingly said "what would you know, you're a female POG."Well Ds L without missing a beat said "well i know one thing for sure is that my D**k is bigger than both of you guy's combined."Then my drill walks over to my battle and i that heard the conversation and asks "wtf are you privates laughing at and wtf did you hear?" We obviously say "nothing drill sergeant."The he says "well you should've left you f*****g teeth in your personal bag and used them when you get em back after graduation. I don't wanna see them again privates."1st plt DS P: infantry, hair of a 50 yr old and the face of a preteen, raspy voice and the eyes of a hammer head shark.One of the phase tests during the cycle 13 people failed. 12 of those window lickers were in 1st plt. So after weapons count, every plt but 1st goes up to the bay and get ready for lights out. 1st plt gets smoked to oblivion. The way ds P smokes privates is funny. He walks through the formation yelling while walking over them while they're in the leaning rest.This is his monologue: "How the f**k is over 90 percent of the failures in 1st plt? Everything on the damned test i spend hours in the bay teaching you. How tf do you guys leave any question about the 240B blank?*Walks over private and says in a quiet voice * excuse me soldier.*back to yelling*"I'd rather you draw d**ks on the paper instead leaving a question blank. Now well everybody else is sleeping, 1st plt is gonna become strong."Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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