Basic Training Story
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Basic Training Story 4661 - Part Three

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March 21, 2017
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Continuing the series.2nd plt Ds R: oldschool country soldier from South Carolina like 17 yrs of service at the time.This is how he counted down when he gave us a task to do in 10 sec " 10, 9, f*****g 8, 7, 6, mother f*****g 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Stop moving pri's stop f*****g movin."Ds R: "pri's this is the last ftx of the cycle then after dat it's just a few days and a wake up. With dat bein said, since i been on the trail, I never seen a last ftx where there aint been a happy sock stuck to the ground next to a cot. I guess y'all pri's get excited cause y'all about to graduate and don't have no girls round y'all, you resort to a sock and beat your meat cream. Im'a tell y'all one thing, if i see one happy sock on the ground, imma tighten y'all a** up real quick.

*there were no happy socks.*

3rd plt (i don't have too much on them either. They were the honor plt)

But they have a guy named Ds T. When you think of him, just think of SGM Plumley from "we were soldiers" and you have DS T.And he's always sounding off with "Airborne." We we out in the field one day in a horse shoe formation around Ds T after one station he and another drill were in charge off (indirect fire drills). So after they made us do 600 yard-sprints in full kit 4 times just for fun, ds T asked us do we have any questions.One guy asks if he think we should get rid of the apft and adopt a new test. Ds T gets mad and goes "it's f***tards like you that's ruining my army. There was this one idiot a few years back that tried to change the pt test the see how far a soldier could skip, hop and jump and other dumb s***. I swear Airborne is still the best school. That's the only coarse the Army hasn't royally f****d up like the other. If it aint broke private, don't fix it."Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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