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Basic Training Story 4661 - Part Two

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March 17, 2017
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2nd plt Ds T 35M: she came in the middle of the cycle fresh out of drill school so i don't have too much on her.Last day of Ftx 3 we're formed up holding up our dogtags and CAC. As she's walking through the formation, she walks past me and then does a double take at my CAC.DS T "DAMNN Private that's a big A** head. Your face is taking up most of the pic. I can barely see your shoulders. Don't put your CAC up just yet private, lemme show ds B".DS B: "Damn pri you need to get a head reduction surgery when you arrive at your first permanent unit".DS T: "put your face, i mean CAC and dogtags away private".1st plt Ds B: 6'1 220 13B.Me: (while formed up on the drill pad. Im in the 1st squad) "Drill sergeant who won the Patriots game last night?"Ds B: *slowly walks up till he's like 6 inches away from me* Private i wouldn't tell you s**t unless you pay my cable bill. Are you gonna pay my cable bill private?Me: *thinks about it because im that desperate for football *DS B: "don't answer that question private. But wait would you really pay my cable bill? Nah don't worry about private. Just know that I'm not telling you s**t."DS B: *sees loose straps on like 20 people's assault pack* "privates what all this loose booty a** s**t I'm looking at? I know all your girlfriend's booties back home are loose but in my Army the booties are tight. Until the weenie comes and breaks it in. Fix those assault packs.Ds B: *we march to the dfac for breakfast chow after pt* *we get smoked right in front of the dfac for something but that was inevitable because we got smoked everyday all the way to family day for every tiny thing.* so after we get called to the position of attention, us idiots are dusting our hands and acu's off.Ds B: "So that's what we do privates? We move in the position of attention? Y'all must like to get dusted off is what you're tellin me right? Front leaning rest position move.''*you would think we would have learned by now, well nope. We got dropped 4 more times for people that just couldn't stop dusting themselves off. Then ds B get fed up.*Ds B: "privates let one of you mother f*****s dust yourself off one more time and I'll break you off somethin proper real quick at the bay till to point dust will be the least of your worries.Ds B: was also a joker. He made the smallest guy in the Battalion that happened to be in 2nd plt (pv2 J 4'10, 95 lbs) a 240 gunner and one of the bigger guys (me) assistant gunner. So when we would be in the field, i would have my m16, his m4 and a couple belts of blank 240 ammo while he lugged around a weapon the wasn't too far away from 1/3 of his weight.Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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