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March 15, 2017
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It was during phase 2, rifle range training in May. We were pulling butts. The biggest fanned rattle snake I've ever seen came scooting into the pit. DI G starts in with how Pendleton is in the middle of a preserve, and how "Lucifer" there had more of right to be there than we did.He followed up with telling us leave him alone and he'd go on about his merry way.We'll apparently "Lucifer" wasn't listening. He went to a corner about 30' away, and coiled up rattling his tail western movie style.Suddenly DI G grabs my rifle pops in a round and one shots this snakes head clean off. From 30' away.He promptly turns, hands my rifle to me, and says, "That's right, you saw it recruit. That Sumbitch tried to bite me, and paid for for his sins."When asked what happened, even recruits weren't there swore they saw that snake try to bite him.Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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