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March 15, 2017
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While in basic training I remember everyone getting sick! Something they call the fort Leonard wood funk. GROSS! Anyways I was always scared to go to sick call because I wanted to pass in time to get home for my daughters birthday.. so I got sick like everyone else. EXCEPT I was the last one ! Three weeks went by and I still wasn't better if anything way worse!I was in formation at the range we had just rucked in the freezing rain to when My female drill sergeant Mid sentence goes " HEY! Who ever is coughing needs to shut the hell up!"I'm like what the hell? So I really can't stop coughing. The night before fire guard woke me up because I was choking in my sleep and puking because I couldn't breath. So I finished the range and got my battle buddy and approached my drill sergeant to go to sick call.Well...I walk up make minimal eye contact...parade rest and begin explaining why I feel I should go to sick call. She cuts me off and goes " Quit goddamn malingering PRIVATE and get outta my face!" Not the answer I was expecting .Sooo.... I turn around and wait to fall in formation on the ruck back I couldn't breathe like legitimately couldn't breathe so now the company commander looks back and starts walking up yelling "WHO THE HELL IS SLOWING DOWN MY RUCK MARCH!"As he gets closer he realizes it's serious he says " it's okay private slow breathes in and out !"The drill sergeant now want to kill me and comes up and says "private your gonna get chaptered out my goddamn army I promise you that !"Duty truck came went to sick call ! About 45 minutes later I see a doctor at that point I'm in bad shape ! He conducted a breathing test which I failed .. so now I'm getting emergency chest X rays cat scans the whole nine ! After I'm done with all that crap the doctor says " private im truly surprised you can breathe at all ! You have severe walking pneumonia and acute bronchitis with a sinus infection and two ear infections!"He loaded me up on antibiotics, a steroid inhaler and already stabbed me with an epipen along with 4 days mandatory quarters. So I call the drill sergeant office to get picked up and LOOK WHO SHOWS UP READY TO RIP MY THROAT OUT ! yes that drill sergeant ! Kill me now !! So i PROUDLY hand her the paper work .. she's floored and embarrassed we get back to barracks .. and I hear the first sergeant screaming because I guess this shouldn't happen lmao.Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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