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March 16, 2017
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Another day in the field during FTX3. We were on our third day and things seemed to be more relaxed than I had ever imagined. Of course in basic training, when things began to be too relaxed, you knew a storm was brewing. So the drill sergeants had given us a simple task. Of course without a time frame, we took our time just like any other trainee would. Big mistake.We suddenly were thrown off by mortar simulators. We all knew that meant "You fucked up tremedously." We then hear our other battle buddies who had made it back yelling to the rest of us, "HURRY UP! Waiting on you!" Also while in the front leaning rest.So we're running but of course not fast enough. We were all stopped and told to low crawl to the formation. As we're low crawling the most hated Drill Sergeant pops 3 CS gas grenades on us all. That made us go into a frenzy. There were designated danger zones so that if any of us were to cross those zones, it gave the drill sergeants permission to knock us off our feet grenade range style.Of course, some trainees did just that and were served just what they ordered. It was like the Hunger Games for 3 days after that as we were gassed at least once a day.On the last day, the Drill Sergeant who was most hated popped the last two on us. Fortunately for us, the wind was working against him and instead in our favor. He was engulfed by the gas of both of those grenades and he completely loses his shit and makes us all run towards the smoke.The 1st Sergeant, who was a complete badass by the way, begins to chew him out because not only was the company commander watching, but also the battalion commander and command sergeant major. Just let it be known that after everything was said and done, his rage didn't end there. He smoked us for 1-2 hours straight after our 16k ruck march and "calmly" explained to us how he refuses to graduate weak soldiers and have the stigma on him that basic training and drill sergeants are getting soft.That made most of us have a newfound respect for him and looking back on it as it was now a year ago, it all makes sense now and I appreciate all that he had put us through. He was a 13F Fister and last I heard, he has since passed away from a heart attack.Forever in our minds and hearts, hooah!Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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