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March 16, 2017
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Alright for those of you who have been to the wonderful Ft Sill! It may not have been in basic but the reception before. While it normally takes less than a week to complete, it almost took us two. While being taught the basic things we needed to know before being sent to our specific companies we were given a specific rule to not bring food out of the DFAC.....easy rule right?Well people started bringing peanut butter packets to the barracks and one thing led to another and fruits started leaving the DFAC, not horrible right? Well nobody gets caught till one day at formation our DS is walking near the back rank when he spots "the muffin man" (the name he was given after the incident). In his PT jacket pocket that he left UNZIPPED was a lonely little muffin, so our DS with his pickpocketing skills takes it and throws it to the SDS at the front of the formation."ALRIGHT EVERYONE NEEDS TO EMPTY THEIR POCKETS AND ROLL WHATEVER FOOD YALL HAVE TO THE FRONT OF THE FORMATION!" He screams to our formation and the formation directly behind him.So food of all types starts to make its way to the front muffins, apples, oranges, bags of granola, full sandwiches, ect.


Someone launched a muffin straight into the sky and like all the cool war movies with huge waves of arrows, muffins started flying! Lets just say even though you could see the suprise and awe in the DS face they did not once hesitate when screaming for everyone to start pushing! As we were in the front leaning rest the food was collected and put in one of the large trash cans, the can easily became overflowing! The DS's were in disbelief with the amount of food that had been taken photos were being taken.With that we were then awarded the muffin crew nickname!Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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