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March 22, 2017
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So there we were at the end of the cycle. The DS's called for story time and demanded one of us tell a good story about our lives or the smoke session and ass fucking would continue. PVT snuffy was voluntold by his platoon to regale us in a tale that had been circulating through the company...the tale of the Snake Charmer.PVT Snuffy took the stage and we gathered around. Snuffy, might I add was overweight, had a face that looked like DS stomped on it and a gap between his teeth you could drive a Bradley through. The story began with "Just to let everyone know, I am not gay,". He had our attention.Snuffy started dating a chick he met at the arcade (they still have those?) and immediately he was head over boots. The courtship lasted 4 months before she asked him to dinner, as there was something serious she had to tell Snuffy. Over a plate of spaghetti and meatballs she starts to tell him there is something very serious Snuffy had to know, she couldn't keep it from him any longer...she was a he and had a big ol' cock.How he didn't know this after 4 months was obviously baffling.Of course, he didn't believe her, so she reached, grabbed his hand and shoved it down her pants...he touched the snake. At this point the DS'S are laughing nearly to tears, the Company Commander was there and had to tell us all it was ok to like dicks. The romance ended several months later as Snuffy wasn't what he/she was looking for in a man. He was heartbroken and had been writing sheman all throughout OSUT.Come graduation day his prayers were answered. He/she actually came to support Snuffy. He claimed on the day pass there was absolutely no fornication, but when I sit back and remember FT. BENNING, I like the think he popped his cherry that day...I mean I remember DS asking us during a 14 mile ruck is we never sucked a dick before how could we be absolutely sure we didn't like it.PVT Snuffy answered that question.Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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