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March 31, 2017
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So no shit, there I was...We had just spent 11, extremely boring days at the lovely 30th AG, and it was finally pickup day. Being the naive, hooah privates that we were, we were extremely excited.Our drills picked is up without incident, loading is on to the buses without so much as a raised voice. I'm sure some of us were thinking "This won't be so bad. They aren't even yelling!"So we took the customary 30 min bus ride with our heads shoved in our laundry bags, the buses going in circles to disguise the fact that our barracks were only a five min ride away from civilization. As I felt the bus stop, the screaming began.Being the last man on the last bus (fuck me right?), I got to see the Shark Attack in all its glory. Two hundred plus privates streaming up the hill - and at the top?There stood DS P, a monster of a man, throwing down our duffel bags at us. They looked curiously like barrels rolling down a hill. That explains why he was yelling "It's motherfucking Donkey Kong out here privates! JUMP, motherfuckers, JUMP!"Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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