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April 6, 2017
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No shit, there I was. The days at Ft. Sill were coming to an end. We were in our second to last week of basic training. My battery was at the DFAC for dinner chow, and my platoon was the last to go, so another battery was right behind us to come in and eat.We had been since day one, trained to side-step heel to heel at the chow/salad/condiment bars, execute a face movement, and move out to our area where we were supposed to eat (this will come in to play in a second)I had my food and was sitting down, facing the DS table, but on the far side of the DFACObviously no talking in the DFAC either.The other battery's drill sergeant comes in, and sits down at the DS table and watches her soldiers come in.One unlucky private got caught not stepping heel to heel, and the DS called him over, instructing him to sound off with "FOOD TASTES BETTER WHEN YOUR HEELS ARE TOGETHER" over and over again until he reached his table, and the DS said he could start eating.Another private gets caught doing the same thing "FOOD TASTES BETTER WHEN YOUR HEELS ARE TOGETHER! FOOD TASTES BETTER WHEN YOUR HEELS ARE TOGETHER!" over and over again, for like 5 minutes, before the poor private could eat.In basic, our PG would give us time updates, telling us how much time we have left to eat our food and get out, and in formation outside the DFAC, ready to move back to the battery. One thing we would do during these time updates is sound off with some crazy line like "No PG!, you're done"Anyways, someone in my platoon secretly spread the word of what to sound off with...Our PG sounds off with "Fourth Platoon, you're done!"We all get up and sound off with, in unison, "FOOD TASTES BETTER WHEN YOUR HEELS ARE TOGETHER!"The look on the other battery's DS's face was furious. Our DS's were trying to stifle laughter over the whole thing.And we never got smoked over it either.Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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