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April 14, 2017
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So I was in Basic in the summer of 2006. We had a guy, he was about 25 but thought he was our dad. He was a weird one. He wouldn't shower with us because he thought it was too gay. After about the 100th comment, some decided to deal with him. They wrote home and a few days later he was getting packages of gay military porn. He'd get 3 or 4 magazines a day. DS F, a little Hispanic guy, walks up to him and says "Hey Pri. You got sumptin to say? You into Mexican dudes?""No DS" he replied."Well F*** you too dude." as DS F walks out.He wouldn't shut his mouth, so people started to do other stuff to him. One day, I hear "Toe the line!" We all got around the killzone and DS C asked: "Who has been wiping they ass on Private P's pillow?" I assumed that nobody would say anything, but an idiot raises his hand. Then I look around and 3 others have their hands raised. I thought it was like Spartacus, but no.They each came up with the idea separately and didn't know about the rest.DS C looked at Private P, who was holding the pillow and said "Well, it's obvious that everyone hates you. Good luck" and he just walked out. No smoking; nothing.The rest of the cycle, Private P was on guard, always watching his pillow. One day I hear him screaming. "What did you guys do in my socks?".Poor dude, all he had to do was shut up.Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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