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April 14, 2017
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Not a basic training story, but this is more of a lesson from Advanced Individual Training for 13F. Our platoon sergeant always had a fucked up twisted sense of humor. He told us how him and his buddies joke about their friends that died overseas, retard jokes, dead baby jokes, this fucking list just goes on.Anyways, back in July, there was that truck in France that killed all those people. Well after dinner chow, we all got in formation, a soldier, Pvt. L, made a joke about it and another soldier, Pvt. A heard it getting offended and pushed Pvt. L wanting to fight him. Our platoon sergeant saw this shit go down and asked what the fuck was going on. Pvt. A explained that it pissed him off because of what Pvt. L had joked about.Our platoon sergeant was very upfront and said "You guys need to stop being such fucking pussies. Who gives a shit what happened in France? Fuck them. It's not affecting my life. Why should it with yours? And the reason that half of you are such pussies is because your parents are fucking pussies too. Yeah, I said it, go tell them and cry about it. I don't give a fuck"The moral of this story, don't be so sensitive over everything you hear.Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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