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April 17, 2017
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I was the only female in my platoon at first. 2 weeks later another female came. When it came time to choose a platoon leader, my D.S. picked me. I asked him "Why me?" He replied, "How else do you think I'm going to get a bunch of horned up privates straight from basic training to listen-put a female in front of them and watch them obey."So the next day when I had to get up in front of them and we were waiting for our D.S. they started getting chatty. So in a loud voice, I told them all to "Shut the F*** up!"As I was finishing my D.S. walked up behind me laughing his ass off and said: "Did you say what I think you just said Private?!"I said, "Yes, Drill Sergeant."He looked at me and looked at them standing there quietly, grinned slightly and said to me "I told you they'd obey." Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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