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April 24, 2017
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So, there I was (Isn't this how all fucking cool stories on here go?) But really my story starts out grass week at Parris Island. If anybody's been through grass week you know your PMI (primary marksmanship instructor) is with you most the day. So the Drill Instructors fuck your world up with fuck-fuck games when they finally get around you.Well after chow, Drill Instructor B picks me and the and the biggest pussy of our platoon to run downstairs and get our laundry. After dragging the big ass bags upstairs basically by myself Drill Instructor B tell Recruit P and me to strip and get in the rain room with everyone else. As I stripping, our Kill Hat, Drill Instructor K walks on deck and wants to know why the fuck we're not in the rain room like all the other maggots.I pop to attention and begin to explain that this Recruit and Recruit P had been chosen to go get laundry. We get the ordinary carry on. As soon as I get naked I hear Drill Instructor B's voice screaming. Startled, I popped to attention and turned fast to see what Drill Instructor B said but not know where Drill Instructor B was as soon as I spun my dick hit Drill Instructor B on the arm.I just know my world was over!! I'd die right there on Parris Island.I slowly looked up at Drill Instructor B. He looked at me then looked at my dick, then stared me right in my eyes and said "Recruit R, are you trying to sexually assault the Drill Instructor"Scared as shit, I stuttered " sir!"He looked around and said, "Recruit R. You're fucking naked do what the fuck you wanna do!"Scared and surprised I grabbed my towel and ran to the rain room. Tripping and falling over my shower shoes.As I got in the rain room I begin telling everybody what just happened not know Drill Instructor B was listening. He yelled "Recruit R wants to talk in the rain room" and shuts the water off on everybody covered in soap. I told that story to my Senior Drill Instructor the night before I left the Island. Who was the most serious Marine I've ever meet, never broke bearing. The story had him laughing so hard he had to take his cover off to hide his face.Let's just say Drill Instructor B made sure he IT'ed me one last time before I graduated in my Dress Blue Alphas.Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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