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April 26, 2017
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First off, before I joined the Army I was about 270 lbs. I had to lose about 80 lbs just to get in. I decided I wanted to join more than anything so I ran every day all day and a few months later I was right at 190 looking good, feeling good. But inside my fit new body was a fat boy crying to get out.I believe it was week 4 of OSUT, we had taken our first PT test and I had passed with flying colors. But at night I would literally just think about food and how I miss it. One morning we got up and headed to our CTA for chow. For once it was actually pretty good. The eggs were still in clumps and there was some sort of bacon substance and I was pretty satisfied after.At the time I was a "squad leader" and our Drill Sgt yelled for everyone to pack up chow and send it back to the DFAC. He randomly shouted my name and told me to pick 3 dudes and go with them to the DFAC with the leftovers. It was a pretty good walk and it was for the most part still pitch black outside. We started toward the DFAC and got a few blocks down the road and all of a sudden my Fat Boy started to I am eating small portions of food every day...and there are 5 or 6 tubs filled with leftovers...I told the other guys hurry let's eat what's left.Without saying anything they dove right in with me. I ate so much so fast that I was about to get sick. Once most of it was gone we decided to pack up and continue to the DFAC.Then I heard some one yell.I got chills down my spine.It was the meanest Drill Sgt we had.He was motioning for us to come back. So we slowly turned around and headed back thinking about what our excuse was for being covered in food all over our hands and face. I tried I wiping my hands on my pts but it just smeared all over them. When we got close to the Drill Sgt he said there was a group of guys that failed their pt test and they were retaking it and they haven't eaten breakfast yet.The feeling I felt at that moment is indescribable. There was a lump in my throat. I didn't even know what to say. I looked at the other guys and they just looked at the ground. The Drill Sgt said "Did you hear me? Get chow set up"I finally spoke up and said, "Drill Sgt, I tactically acquired the left over food...."I could tell he tried to keep from laughing. But then he began to scream and get in my face and told me to grab one of the tubs and start running around the CTA until I gave him back the leftovers. I ran around the CTA with the tub over my head. After the first lap he told me to yell free leftovers as loud as I could while running... over and over.... free leftovers.... free leftovers..... finally just when everyone in my company was in the CTA all eyes were on me. I gave back the leftovers all over the grass.The Drill Sgt walked up to me and said.... "Thanks" then walked away.....Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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