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May 3, 2017
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It was the 1980's and the military was still having issues getting qualified soldiers to fill their ranks after the Vietnam War. Sometimes recruiters had to go to great lengths to meet their quotas. One such success story was private Dumbass who ended up in my platoon at basic. DA was a scrawny 90 pounder soaking wet and his weight was higher than his IQ by 30 points. No matter what he couldn't get it right.We were at the live fire and maneuver course and poor dumbass couldn't get the whole " pop up and look, roll left, or right, jump up and rush to the next cover " thing right to save his life. Drill Sgt F told me, to take him aside and work with him and if he passed I wouldn't have to run the course myself. No matter what poor Dumass couldn't get it right.Finally, in frustration, I told him " if I kick your left foot roll left and go. If I kick your right foot roll right."Well, he made it to the end and there were two pop ups there where you were supposed to fire off your remaining ammo. Well, this kids weapon jammed and he couldn't clear it to save his life. In frustration, I grabbed the rifle, cleared it and rapid fired off the remaining 15 rounds from mag one and the 30 from mag 2.I then tossed the rifle back at private dumb ass who grabbed it but the stock and the barrel. One could hear his scream all the way back at the beginning of the course. Fortunately, his burn wasn't too bad and I got to stay clean that day.Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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