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May 4, 2017
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Back in 2014, we were standing in formation waiting for trans. We had just finished FTX 2 and were heading to the urban ops area to start using sims. Needless to say, I was exhausted from pulling 100% security the night before. I figured I'd close my eyes for a few seconds, you know being in the 2nd rank. 2 seconds later I hear my Reserve DS yelling "Private! you sleeping!?!?"Now this DS was pretty freaken awesome. He joined because if Power Rangers ever existed he was convinced they would test it out on the Army first.So thinking he was pretty chill, I responded with "No DS, the wind is in my face" and as if he knew I was lying I hear a "PVT... How is that possible you got Eye Pro on"I swear to you I have never panicked as hard as I have in my life and said "DS... They don't fit right, I need Asian Fit.".I swear I have never seen anyone acting as offended as he was...needless to say, he wasn't Asian... I was. He then turns to my SDS who was dying on the floor laughing. I felt pretty confident like I had saved my sorry ass... but a few minutes later SDS decides to start giving me some choice words about violating EO.When he was finally finished for what felt like minutes he then proceeds to call my company to attention and smokes the SH*t out of all hundred and something of us who were all laughing.At the end of it all it ended up being a good laugh for everyone but Asian fit doesn't work as an answer.Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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